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What is the Outdoor House League?
Our Outdoor House League is a recreational co-ed program for children ages 3-16. However, a child's age group is ultimately decided by his or her birth year. This two-day-a-week program (one day a week for our U4 groups) runs from late May through July and takes place at The Nike Base, 2800 Lakeview Road, Lake View, NY 14085.  
The program is designed to teach children the basics of soccer while also having fun. Our main goals are to encourage a love of soccer and to help develop basic skills through instruction and activities. This league is not win/loss based. 

U4 plays 1 day a week for 45 minutes while U6-U16 plays 2 times a week for 1 hour each. 

For our U4-U8 groups, the first half is dedicated to the technical aspect of the game (foot skills) and soccer related activities. The second half is for small-sided soccer games. The players on each team are randomly divided into 2 smaller groups each week to play the competing team. This allows coaches to even out teams and players as needed. This is based on USYSA recommendations.

For our U10-U16 groups, the first 2 weeks are dedicated to practices only. After the first 2 weeks, teams practice for 10-15 minutes and then play a full field soccer game against the competing team. Games will be 40 min (two 20 min halves) with a 5-10 minute half time. 

Registration opens February 29, 2024 and ends April 22, 2024!


Coaching benefit!!!
Any parent who volunteers and is officially selected (name must appear on the official roster) by the club to be the head coach or co-coach of their child’s team will receive a refund of the registration fee on their last scheduled night of soccer.  Head coaches will receive a full refund of the registration fee while co-coaches (2 per team) will receive a half refund of the registration fee. U4-U8 teams will have 2 co-coaches while U10 and up team may have one coach or 2 co-coaches. The refund check must be picked up at the Nike Base fields one of the last two nights of House League. If the check is misplaced within two weeks after the pick-up date, it can be re-issued but administrative costs may be taken out. Any changes of the official coaches or co-coaches (for refund purposes) should be communicated to us prior to July 1st.

In order to receive the refund, the following conditions must be met: 

1. Only a total of $110 ($95 for U4) will be refunded per each house league team.
2. Coaches must attend our mandatory Spring Coaches Meeting- The 2023 meeting is TBD at the Hamburg Senior Center Cafe- 4540 Southwestern Blvd, Hamburg, NY 14075.
3. Coaches must be present at all team practices/games or find a suitable replacement on no more than 3 occasions. 
4. Coaches must end the season with their team. If a replacement must be found at any time, you are no longer eligible for the refund. 

Who coaches each team?

As a non-profit soccer club, we rely on our dedicated volunteers to coach each soccer team. Our House League, will again, depend on parents who volunteer to coach/co-coach these teams.  All teams will need a either a head coach or two co-coaches per team for the league to work. Only one coach is required at U10-U16 and two coaches are required at U4-U8.   

Each coach will get to coach his/her own children (unless they wish otherwise) and will get ONE other request (it may be a player request or a request to be with another coach). No requests may be made after registration ends and requests to move players to different age groups cannot be honored. 

As U4-U8 teams require at least two co-coaches, if a second co-coach is not found, we will make a volunteer schedule for the team. This means all other parents on the team will alternate helping the coach (which will work out to be only one or two times for each family). If we only have one co-coach signed up for a U10-U16 team and they would like another co-coach, the same will apply.  U10-U16 teams only need one coach so long as they are comfortable being the sole coach of the team. 

What is required to be a head coach / co-coach?
No soccer or coaching experience is required to become a coach in our Outdoor House League.

Prior to the start of the season, we will provide a mandatory free training session for all coaches.If at any point (prior to or during the season) a coach wishes to have more training in running a soccer session, we will provide that to you. The 2022 meeting date is TBD is at 6pm at the Hamburg Senior Center Cafe- 4540 Southwestern Blvd, Hamburg, NY 14075.

Coaches are only required to be at the Nike Base fields 2 hours per week on the scheduled nights they signed up for (45 minutes for U4). They will coach from 6pm-7pm or 7:30pm-8:30pm depending on the schedule.

All U4- U8 coaches will also be given an easy-to-follow curriculum with fun soccer-related games and drills they can use during the season. We strive to give each volunteer coach all of the skills and competencies they need to have a fun and successful year of coaching! 

How do I sign up to be a coach / co-coach?
If interested in coaching, please click that option when registering your child or email [email protected]. Please also email [email protected] to make the request for your child/children to be on your team and to make your ONE player request on the team you are coaching. No requests may be made after registration ends on April 22, 2024. 


When does registration begin/end? 
Registration begins February 29, 2024 and closes April 22, 2024. The league runs from mid May through the end of July. We recommend registering early as we go on a waitlist for several groups each year. 

Please email [email protected] if you would like to register after the close date. Priority is given to those who are able to coach.

How do I register for the program? 
To register online, please log in or create an account (in the upper right corner of the homepage). Select the "Register Now" button to sign up for the Outdoor House League Season. The computer system will walk you through the registration process and payment section.

How do I know which age group to register for? 
Based on regulations by New York State West, age groups are determined ONLY by your child's birth year. The computer will direct you to the age group your child is eligible to participate in. Some age groups/days tend to fill up quickly. If you do not see the day you want  upon registration, please email Caitlin at [email protected]. Our Outdoor House League includes the  following age brackets:
U4 (born in 2020)
U6 (born in 2018 OR 2019 )
U8 (born in 2016 OR 2017)
U10 (born in 2014 OR 2015)
U13 (born in 2011 OR 2012 OR 2013)
U16 (born in 2008 OR 2009 OR 2010 OR Aug 2007-Dec 2007)

What if the group I want to register for is full? 
We will place players on a waiting list if the group they want to register for is full. Players on the waiting list will be contacted if/when a spot opens up to accept the position. You can be added to the waitlist during the registration process. There is no cost to being on the waitlist. 

What's next? 

All players must be registered on the website and paid in full by April 22, 2024 to be eligible to play in the league. In the weeks after registration ends, teams will be picked and team placement/schedules will be emailed to parents and placed on the website. 

On the first night of soccer, please report to your child's scheduled field 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Your child will meet their coach and teammates and coaches will hand out uniforms at the field. Please confirm your child's team and field placement for the night prior to arriving at The Nike Base.



1. All U4 teams will play once per week on either a Monday or a Wednesday. Teams cannot choose which day as it will change each week to allow all U4 teams to play against one another. Teams will play for 45 minutes. 

2. Our U16 may play all games at the same time throughout the season. For our U16 league in particular, depending on registration numbers and to ensure we have enough players, we are looking toward a U16 pool (rather than individual teams) where one group of players will be divided up into two teams each night. Please let us know if you have any questions about this. 

When will I play?   
This two-day-a-week program runs from late May through July. Teams play two times per week and will play on the same predetermined nights from week to week(aside from our U4 teams). Practice/game times are scheduled for either 6pm-7pm or 7:30pm-8:30pm. U4 teams will play from 6:00pm-6:45pm. 

What are the available days for each age group?  
U4 (Four & Under)- Monday OR Wednesday - once a week - EITHER May 20 or May 22 - July 22 or July 24 
U6 (Six & Under)- Monday & Wednesday - twice a week - May 20 - July 24
U6 (Six & Under)- Tuesday & Thursday -  twice a week -  May 21 - July 25
U8 (Eight & Under)- Monday & Wednesday - twice a week - May 20- July 24
U8 (Eight & Under)-  Tuesday & Thursday - twice a week - May 21 - July 25
U10 (Ten and Under)- Monday & Wednesday - twice a week -  May 20 - July 24
U10 (Ten and Under)- Tuesday & Thursday - twice a week -  May 21 - July 25
U13 (Thirteen & Under)-  Tuesday & Thursday - twice a week -  May 21 - July 25
U16 (Sixteen & Under)-  Monday & Wednesday- twice a week -  May 20- July 24

What time will I play?
Practice/game times are scheduled for either 6pm-7pm or 7:30pm-8:30pm, aside from U4 which is scheduled for 6:00pm-6:45pm.

Due to the age of the players and smaller size of our U4 league, U4 teams are scheduled from 6pm-6:45pm. The rest of our league (U6-U16) will run on an alternating schedule. Teams may play at either 6:00pm-7:00pm or 7:30pm-8:30pm. This means that some nights your child may play at 6:00pm while other nights they may play at 7:30pm. U6-U16 teams may play at both times during the season but we can't guarantee an equal breakdown of 6:00pm and 7:30pm start times for each team. Depending on the number of teams and size of your child's age group, some groups (ex. U16) may play all games at the same time throughout the season. 

Your child's exact schedule will be created after registration ends at the end of April.

When won't we have soccer? 

There will be no soccer scheduled for the following days:
Memorial Day: Monday May 27, 2024
The week of Independence Day: July 1, 2024 - July 4, 2024

Will there be a Fun Day this year? 
2024 Fun Day TBD. Fun Day includes team pictures, a food truck, ice cream stand, bounce houses (weather pending), etc.


What is the cost of the program? 
***Please note that if you register from 2/29/24-3/31/24, when you first click on the program you wish to register for, it will list the higher price of $125 (or $105 for U4), then once you complete registration and get to the payment section, the lesser price of $110 (or $95 for U4) will show up and that is what you will be charged! 

U4 pricing: $95 if you register from 2/29/24-3/31/24, $105 if you register on 4/1/24 or later. 
U6-U16 pricing: $110 if you register from 2/29/24-3/31/24, $125 if you register on 4/1/24 or later. 

Please note that Sports Connect (our website company) just began charging an additional $3 service fee. If paying via credit card, you will see that $3 fee added by Sports Connect upon checkout. If paying via check, be sure to account for that $3 fee.

You may pay online with credit/debit card or mail in a check made out to Hamburg Soccer Club (after you register online), P.O. BOX 2388, Blasdell, NY 14219. We prefer all online payments as they are processed quicker and easier to track.

We, unfortunately, cannot reserve your space until full payment is received. ALL payments must be received by April 16, 2024. Any unpaid orders will be cancelled at this time.  

What does the cost include? 
The cost includes registration, league, & payment processing fees, insurance, a full uniform, games/practices, field and equipment maintenance, referees/staff, and end of the year medals/pizza party.

Do you offer refunds?
In a typical season, payments are final and nonrefundable. If you have what you believe to be an extenuating circumstance, you may email the Board of Directors at [email protected] for review. No refunds after registration ends on April 22, 2024 will be considered. 


Will I receive a uniform? 
All players will receive a full uniform kit consisting of a jersey, shorts, and socks. The uniform cost is included in the price. Uniforms will be ordered in national sizing chart kits that contain smalls, mediums, and larges based on the national average. Specific sizes will not be ordered for specific players. We can not guarantee that any registration/payment submitted after April 1st will have a uniform on the first day of the league.  We will receive late registration uniforms throughout the summer. 

What should I bring to soccer each night?
  • Shin-guards (mandatory for playing)
  • Proper footwear (soccer cleats strongly recommended but sneakers can be worn if needed)
  • Water
  • Soccer ball 
    • size 3 ball for U4-U6
    • size 4 ball for U8-U10
    • size 5 for U13-U16


What do we do the first night of soccer? 
Hamburg Soccer Club's Outdoor House League will begin the week of May 20, 2024 at The Nike Base, 2800 Lakeview Road, Lakeview NY, 14085. 

On the first night of soccer, please report directly to your child's field 10 minutes prior to your child's scheduled time. 

Please confirm your child's team, schedule and which field they are playing on prior to arriving at the Nike Base. Team placements, schedules, and a map of the fields can be found on this page at the start of May. 

Coaches will pick up their team uniforms from our Nike Base shed at the beginning of practice. They will bring uniforms to their field to hand out to players.

All players should bring shin guards, soccer cleats or sneakers, water, and a soccer ball each night.

What do we do the last night of soccer? 
On the last night of soccer, your child's team will end 20 minutes early. Each coach will be delivered the team medals to hand out at the field and all teams will receive a pizza.


What if soccer is cancelled due to inclement weather?
If there is thunder/lightning at the Nike Base fields OR in extreme weather conditions/if the fields are unplayable/saturated, all Outdoor House league activities will be cancelled for that night. We do not cancel for rain unless the above conditions are present as well (thunder/lightning, extreme conditions, or unplayable/saturated fields).

We will post on the website homepage, update our Facebook account, and e-mail participants if soccer is cancelled. However, if it is a last minute cancellation due to weather that is questionable or a fast moving storm, we may not have access to the website and e-mails at the fields. In that case, we will put up signage at the fields and try to post on the homepage of the website ASAP. 

If nothing is posted on the homepage of our website, please assume soccer is still on for the night. We cannot field individual emails asking is soccer is still on due to weather (due to the amount of emails and we may already be at the fields/assessing the fields). If at all possible, we do try to wait until 4pm/5pm to make a determination as we have avoided many cancellations in the past due to the weather clearing up. 

There will not be any make up days for soccer cancellation due to inclement weather. If, at any point, you believe it is unsafe to travel (due to weather conditions), please refrain from bringing your child to soccer for the night.


What team will my child be on? 
After registration ends in April, players will be randomly divided into co-ed teams. Once teams are created, parents will be notified of their child's team placement and that team's schedule. This information will be emailed to all participants and placed on the website.

Can I request to be on a certain team/with a certain coach? 
Due to the high amount of requests we receive for players to be on the same team and in an effort to make teams as even as possible, players may not request to be on the same team as another player or particular coach. As everyone plays in one common location, requests to play with friends/cousins or for carpooling reasons cannot be honored.

Are there any exceptions to this rule?

Yes, there are a couple of exceptions. Siblings may request to be on the same team IF they fall within the same age group. Coaches will also get to coach their own child(ren) along with ONE other request. No requests may be made after registration ends on April 22, 2024.  If you are interested in your child being on the same team as another child, please sign up to coach when you register your child. Please email [email protected] with sibling/coaching requests after you sign up. 

Can my child play up or down an age group?
Per NYSW regulations, all players must play in their correct age group.


What are "small-sided games" for U4-U8 teams?
These are soccer games with fewer players competing on a smaller sized field. These are fun games that get players more involved as there are fewer players sharing one ball. Our U4-U8 Teams play small sides games. 

All ages can play "Small Sided Games", but it has a definite developmental impact on our younger soccer players. U.S. Youth Soccer recommendations for "number of players" at the various age groups are as follows:

U4 | 3 against 3 no goalkeepers
U6 | 3 against 3 no goalkeepers
U8 | 4 against 4 no goalkeepers (goalkeepers added in July) 
U10 | 6 against 6 with goalkeepers (7v7)
U13+ | 10 against 10 with goalkeepers (11v11)

Why play "small-sided games"? 
Because we want our young soccer players to: 
...touch the soccer ball more often and become more skillful with it! (Individual technical development) 
...make moreless-complicated decisions during the game! (Tactical development) more physically efficient in the field space they are playing in! (Reduced field size) 
...have more individual teaching time with the coach! Less players on the field and less players on the team will guarantee this!
...have more, involved playing time in the game! (More opportunity to solve problems that only the game presents) 
...have more opportunity to play on both sides of the ball! (More exposure to attacking and defending situations) 
...have more opportunities to score goals!(Pure excitement and building confidence)

These are the reasons why we adults must foster "Small-Sided Games" in our youth soccer programs. The "Small-Sided" environment is a FUN and developmentally appropriate environment for our young soccer players.


Where will I play?
Soccer takes place at The Nike Base, 2800 Lakeview Road, Lakeview, NY 14085. 

Nike Base Safety Information:

1.If your child is of an age that you would not leave them unattended in a public space, they should not be left unattended at the Nike Base and parents should remain with their children for the duration of soccer. As coaches are busy coaching on the field, they cannot account for and are not responsible for where your child goes once they leave the field.

2. Please use extreme caution when driving in our parking lot due to the amount of children at this location. Note the crosswalk when entering the parking lot and yield to pedestrians.

3. All people entering the Nike Base should obey all traffic/parking signs. As the parking lot is now paved, parking in any grassy area or where cones are set up is not permitted.

4. The Nike Base parking lot speed limit is 10 MPH.

5. People may not make u-turns near the front of the lot- they must circle around. 

6. Children are only to be dropped off or picked up at the back of the lot on the side in which they are playing-please utilize your blinkers when doing so and watch for children crossing. Dropping players off in the front of the lot or pulling over near the snack shack is not allowed as it backs up traffic. 

7. The parking by the Nike Base shed is reserved for board members, workers, travel coaches, and those with a handicap sticker (only if all other handicapped spots are taken).

8 If there are no more parking spaces in the main lot, do not create a spot. Please park in the lot by the dog park or park next door at the Highway Department and take the stone pathway to our fields (near field 1 on the House League side).

9. No smoking or dogs allowed per Town of Hamburg policy. 

10. Goals MAY NOT BE MOVED AT ANY TIME. They are staked into the ground and moving them creates a safety hazard for players and damages the integrity of the goals.

***Anyone not in compliance with these rules will be subject to disciplinary action per the Hamburg Soccer Club Board of Directors and/or the Town of Hamburg Police Department. 

CLICK HERE FOR Field Map  and Map to the Fields    


CLICK HERE  for the 2023 Outdoor House League Rosters/Team Placements & Schedules

*Please note that he 2024 Rosters/Team Placements and Schedules will be available once registration is over in April 2024. The 2023 information is still
available for your reference

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