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COVID UPDATE as of 1/5/2021


What happens if a player or coach tests positive for COVID? Please notify your team coach and us ASAP and adhere to these protocols per the Erie County Department of Health. That team will not have practice for 10 days post exposure.


Travel teams have been picked. The Indoor Travel Soccer Season is taking place at Sahlen's Sports Park beginning in December 2020. 


Starting on Monday, August 17th, we are going to be holding tryouts for our travel soccer teams. The first link below (travel soccer tryout schedule) contains all the information needed to easily and safely sign-up and attend tryouts for the 2020/2021 season.

Our Travel Soccer Tryout Schedule contains the times and dates for tryouts as well as directions for the registration, coaches information, and an FAQ section.

Our Return to Play Waiver must be filled out and given to your child's coach at tryouts. No exceptions. 

Our Return to Play Procedures must be read by all. The rules are passed down from New York State and our various other governing bodies. Failure to comply will result in removal from the league. These procedures are subject to change if circumstances change. 

Thank you for your continued support and patience during these difficult times. We hope to see you at your respective tryouts!



We are able to begin Travel Soccer practices at the Nike Base as early as the week of July 6, 2020.  We do not have a soccer end date as of yet. The Town of Hamburg will be lining fields 1,3, 4, and 5 (on the House League side) and fields 6,7,8, and 9 (on the Travel side) the week of July 13, 2020. For your team's specific practice times and friendly game/scrimmage schedule, please refer to your child's coach. If you do not feel comfortable with your child practicing, simply let your team coach know that they will not be participating. 

Our Return to Play Waiver must be filled out and given to your child's coach on the first practice they attend. No exceptions.

Our Return to Play Procedures must be read by all. The rules are passed down from New York State and our various other governing bodies. Failure to comply will result in removal from the league. These procedures are subject to change if circumstances change.


As we had previously announced, the official BWNY Travel League has been cancelled this summer.

However, as the summer progresses and after phase 4 of New York State's re-opening takes place, we will be assessing if travel teams will be allowed to hold practices and possibly participate in friendly games with neighboring clubs (we were recently made aware of this possibility). This will be decided based on multiple factors including the advice of our governing bodies, local entities, insurance carrier, etc. We will email coaches and participants the details if this is allowed to take place. Unfortunately that is all of the information we currently have as we await more direction from our governing bodies. 

PARTIAL REFUNDS: As the official travel games through the Buffalo and Western New York Travel League were cancelled, travel players who were paid in full will be getting a $50 refund toward the 2019/2020 season. The amount will go back on the card you used to pay. Our website company is issuing the refunds and will then notify us of any refunds that could not go through (for reasons such as originally paying via check or that specific card expiring) and those families will be issued refund checks. Due to a high volume of refunds being processed by our website company, please allow 2-4 weeks for refunds. We apologize for any delays. 
The refund amount is based on the many costs that we have incurred that are not being refunded to our club and/or already consumed by our player base. Some of these costs include individual and club insurance, operational costs, administrative fees, player passes, official rosters, coaching/staff background checks, coaching passes, indoor facility fees, etc.


We are sad to announce that the Buffalo and Western New York Junior Soccer League has cancelled the 2020 Travel Soccer Season.

The Hamburg Soccer Club Board of Directors will be discussing more information and the logistics/possibility of partial refunds for our 2019/2020 Travel Soccer players as fees (insurance, indoor, administrative, New York State West Youth Soccer Association travel fees, etc.) have been paid since November. Please keep a lookout for more detailed information in the upcoming weeks once we know more.

Thank you for your continued support!

Hamburg Monarchs Soccer Club Travel Program

Scroll down to read important information on the Travel Soccer Program including: TRAVEL SOCCER OVERVIEW, TRYOUTS, REGISTRATION, COST, SCHEDULES, UNIFORMS, & OTHER FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Please read the entire Travel Page PRIOR to registering or paying for your child. 

What is the Travel Program? 
Unlike our House League soccer programs, our Travel Program is a tryout-based competitive soccer program that runs from November-July. We participate in the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League and play teams from neighboring towns in Western New York beginning each May. 

The Travel Program is the next level of soccer after Recreational House League and is dedicated to the technical and tactical development of players ages 8-19. A high level of commitment to the team is required to participate in this program. 


When does registration open? 
Once your child has tried out and is placed on a roster, you may register on our website. Registration for our 2020/2021 season will begin once the rosters are posted in mid-September 2020. Please ONLY register your child if they have made the team roster and their spot was confirmed by the team's coach. If your child's team does not yet have a coach, please wait to register/pay until a coach is found. Please be sure to register and pay for the correct team. 

How do I register?
Click the "Register" button on the top right-hand corner of the website home page to create an account and begin the registration process. If you already have an account on our website, click the "Login" button to register for the upcoming season. The computer system will direct you to the teams ("available programs") your child is eligible to register for. Click your child's correct team and the computer system will walk you through registration and payment. 

What's next? 
All players must be registered on the website and paid in full by November 1, 2019 and before the start of the indoor season (* A payment plan has been set up for this year due to COVID-19 and the third and final payment is now due by December 31, 2020) or a late fee of $20 for each month they are unpaid will be applied to their balance. Unpaid players may also lose their roster spot at that time. Players added to the roster after the payment deadline must register and pay in full once they make the team. 


How much does Travel Soccer cost? 
2020/2021 Travel Registration: $340 (includes uniform) 
2020/2021 Premier Registration: TBD
2020/2021 Developmental Registration: $300 
Tournament Costs: TBD with individual teams

When do I need to pay the registration fee? 
We have a "No Pay - No Play" policy.  Your player account will need to be paid in full by November 1, 2020 (* A payment plan has been set up for this year due to COVID-19 and the third and final payment is now due by December 31, 2020). If you have not fulfilled the payment by that time, your roster spot may be forfeited or you will be charged a late fee. A $20 late fee will also be added for each additional month you are unpaid. Aide from premier players, any player who plays prior to paying in full is subject to further disciplinary action. Players added to the roster after the payment deadline must register and pay in full once they make the team. 

What does the cost include?
The fee includes registration fees, insurance for each player, full jersey, roster placement, player pass, practice opportunities from Nov to July (1-3 times a week), and all games in Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League. The uniform kit fee is included in the cost. After that, teams may participate in several weekend tournaments which will be decided with each individual team/at the coach's discretion. Those costs vary depending on the tournament and how many tournaments each team chooses to enter. Families on the team will share the tournament expenses.  

What is included in the uniform kit?
This uniform kit will comprise of 2 jerseys (home and away), game shorts and game socks. The coach will receive the team's uniform kits and will distribute when the kits are delivered. Uniforms for each team are ordered under a bell curve system in which the sizes ordered for each team are based upon the national averages for that age group (ex. a certain amount of smaller sizes, medium sizes, and larger sizes will be ordered for each team). Players will not be able to choose their number or size as those are predetermined. 


Where and when will I practice in the Fall/Winter? 
Teams will practice at local elementary/middle schools in the Frontier and Hamburg School Districts from November-April (practices at these locations have been suspended for 2020/2021 due to COVID-19) and Sahlen's Sports Park from December-April. Indoor practices are predetermined to give all teams equal opportunities to train. The days of the week teams will practice is based upon availability of locations. All head coaches will be given their indoor schedule in the fall and will send them out to their individual teams. Please contact your coach if you need your team's indoor schedule. 

Do we play games in the Fall/Winter?
This will be decided with each individual coach/team. Some teams choose to play in Indoor Leagues while other will simply practice during the winter. 

Where and when will I practice in the Spring/Summer? 
Teams will practice at Armor Elementary and The Nike Base from April-July. Practice days will be determined by the coach and the availability of fields. Teams usually train/play 2 times a week throughout the summer.  

When do I play games during the Spring/Summer? 
Games will take place from May-July and are predetermined by the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League, unless the game needs to be rescheduled.

Each age group usually plays on specified nights as follows:

Monday: Boys U11/12 and Girls U13/14
Tuesday: Boys U13/14 and Girls U11/12
Wednesday: All U17 and U19
Thursday: All U15 and U16
Friday: All U10


Can you give more information on developmental players?
A developmental player is a player that still needs more time to enhance their soccer skills and will practice with a travel team.  This decision is extremely hard for our coaches because they know that when a player tries out for travel, it is because they want to play and train at a higher level.  Unfortunately every year, there are a handful of players that cannot be placed on teams due to roster restrictions.  Because of this fact, the developmental program was started allowing players to train in the travel program and develop with our travel teams.   

Developmental players will participate in travel practices from November-July. This will allow players to train at a higher level throughout the season. Unfortunately, there will not be any games played with the team, unless they need a guest player for tournaments. In May, when the Outdoor House League starts, we recommend all developmental players participate in our Outdoor House League Program and the House League fee is waived. The House League is a great avenue to get game experience in and to try out the skills your child has practiced all season. If a developmental player is interested in House League, please register your child before the deadline and email [email protected] to get your fee waived.  

During the course of the season (November-July) there might be an opportunity for the coach to add your child to their Travel League Roster, due to families moving out of the area, season ending injuries, or other roster openings.  At that point, there will be a discussion with the coach and family about this opportunity. If a developmental player is added to the Travel League roster, the season fees will be prorated at that time.


Other frequently asked questions

What should I bring to practices and games?
Players should be timely and come prepared to all practices and games. Players should bring a facemask, soccer ball and water and show up wearing soccer gear/their uniform on game days, shin guards and appropriate footwear (cleats for outdoor & sneakers for indoor). 

Do I have to attend all practices and games? 
If any player can't attend a scheduled practice or game, they should notify their coach ASAP. All players should do their best to attend every game and practice, as the players who show up the most often are the ones who improve the most. 

Any other fees? 
If Hamburg Soccer Club receives notice of insufficient funds, you will be responsible for paying the fees associated with a bounced check. A no refund policy is also in effect. 

Will there be Goalkeeper Training?

During the course of the year, goalkeepers will have separate training dates available to them. The dates/times/locations are TBD. 

Every travel player that is interested in playing in goal is welcome. It is a very technical position that requires a lot of focus and drive. These sessions are technically designed and developed so players can take what they learned in the session and apply it in their team training sessions.

There is limited time on the field, so please make sure players are ready to go at the start time. Please wear a long sleeve shirt and sweatpants (do to repetitions on the turf). Bring water, inflated ball, GK gloves are optional.


When are tryouts held?
To participate in the Travel Program, you will need to try out.  Tryouts are held various times throughout July at The Nike Base (2800 Lakeview Road, Lake View NY). The exact tryout dates for each age group are listed once tryout dates are announced. Tryout dates are posted on the website and emailed to all participants in the club when tryout dates are finalized. If you are/were unable to attend the tryout dates, contact the appropriate coach via the email address provided. 

Your 2020 Tryout Schedule can be found here!!!

How do I register for tryouts? 

We very strongly encourage online registration as it puts you on our email list for important updates and reminders. We only accept in person registration if you missed the deadline. To register for tryouts, visit, and either log in or create an account in the upper right hand corner of the website. You will then register your child for “2020 Travel Soccer Tryouts (for 2020/2021 season)”. 

All players must register on our website by 1pm the day PRIOR to their age group’s first tryout listed (ex. If your child was born in 2011 and the first tryout listed for U10 girls is on 7/11, you must be registered by 7/10 at 1pm). If your child can only attend the second tryout date listed, you must still register the day before the first tryout.

Players will also need to pick up their registration number from the Nike Base shed no earlier than 30 minutes before the tryout start time. Players only need to check in at the shed before the first tryout they attend and should hold on to the registration number they are given for the next tryout.

Tryout registration is free. 

What teams can I try out for? 
All players must try out for their correct age group based upon their birth year. The correct birth years will be listed next to each age group in the document above. After tryouts are completed, we will consider fielding single year teams (ex. U11 or U13) if numbers allow/on a team by team basis.

Can I play up or down an age group? 
All players must try out for their own age group. It will be determined after the tryouts by a player’s correct age group coach if that player should play on an older team. Players cannot play on a younger team. 

All Monarchs Travel teams will not be allowed to take underage players unless they meet the set criteria/standard; The obvious top player in their current age level and top 3 player on "A" level team in the older age group. The Board of Directors will have the final say if players are eligible to play up an age group.

What should I bring to tryouts?
Please wear shin guards and cleats and bring a soccer ball and water. Remember that all players should check in at the Nike Base shed prior to their first tryout. This is where they will receive their number and field assignment.

Do I have to attend both tryout dates? 
Several tryouts are scheduled for each age group (only 1 is scheduled for the oldest boys team). Players should attend at least one of the tryouts but are encouraged to attend both. Players only need to check in at the shed at the first tryout they attend and should hold on to the registration number they are given for the next tryout.

What if I can't make either tryout date?
Please contact the coach(es) listed next to the age group you wish to try out for to let them know if you are unable to make either tryout date. If you are able to make at least one or both tryouts, you do not need to contact the coach. Not attending tryouts does not automatically mean you will be disqualified from making the team, however preference may be given to those did attend tryouts. This will be decided by the coach on a case-by-case basis.

How will I know if I made the team?
After both tryouts are completed, coaches may take some time in choosing their teams. Once they are chosen, coaches will contact all of the players who have made the team. We will also post all of the team rosters to the website in Fall 2020. 

Some teams may still be looking for a coach. If that is the case, you will find your child's name on the roster once they are announced. 

If you are accepting the team spot, please let your coach know and register/pay on our website at that time for 2019/2020 Travel Soccer. All players will need to be registered and paid in full (except Premier teams) by November 1, 2020. *Full payment due date extended to 12/31/20 due to COVID-19. 

What if I don't make the team?
Depending on the team you are interested in, we may have some developmental spots available for players who do not make the team. Developmental players practice with the travel team all winter to develop their skills and then play in our Outdoor House League in the spring/summer. Please contact [email protected] if your child does not make the team and is interested in the program.

When do we start?
Our indoor season begins in November 2020. We practice at local elementary schools (not in 2020/2021 due to COVID-19) and Sahlen’s Sports Park. The indoor schedule will be sent out to coaches in the fall and they will pass that information on to their team. Many teams simply practice during the winter but some choose to join winter leagues- that is decided by each individual coach/team. We then move outdoors for practice in April and the league games begin in May.

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