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U4 - U8 Outdoor House League Coaches

1. U4 - U8 Curriculum for the 2022 House League season! 

Need some visuals? Click here to view some of the Exercises/Activities mentioned in the curriculum above: 

Visuals of Knockout & Sharks and Minnows 

Visuals of Red Light Green Light & Passing Technique

Visuals of Gate Passing & Clean Your Room 

2. Coaches Checklist 

U4 - U10 Indoor House League Coordinators/Coaches

Travel Coaches

Numbers for Custodial Staff - 
Blasdell Elementary - Darrell- 716.289.1630
Boston Valley Elementary - James- 716.866.3154
Big Tree Elementary - Judy- 419.206.2240.

Coaches Corner for Travel Coaches

Welcome Travel Coaches! 

Keeper Technique
Coaches, Please watch these videos to make sure that you can help your keepers practice proper technique for all age levels beginning in U10. Keeper technique is extremely important in keeper development. This is one area where coaches are lacking. Watching a few videos can have an enormous impact on player development. Other than keepers on my team, this school season I did not witness even one keeper with proper punting or scooping technique at the modified level.

SoccerU Training Series
Coaches, please take the 10 or so hours to watch the socceru training series. It really is a must watch. It breaks down technique for all basic skills in soccer. Over the course of my playing career I was never taught most of these techniques as a player. This series is especially important for U10 and U12 coaches, but it is also valuable for U14 on up. No matter what age players can improve technique.

Blast The Ball Series
Coaches, These videos break down most of the aspects that go into shooting a soccer ball. Having players just repeatedly shoot in training does not help players develop if they are not taught proper technique or are not given immediate feedback during training sessions. We as coaches need to understand the proper technique before training the players on how to finish.  When I grew up every time the ball flew over the goal coaches would yell, "don't lean back." Well, this is usually not the case. Many times the ball sails over the net is because we struck the ball too low and/or our plant foot was too far behind the ball causing a player to reach and strike the ball too low. Videotaping players during finishing exercises can really help to show them where they are striking the ball. Many players, including myself (I have a hard time breaking this habit), don't look at the ball when striking. Players should be trained to 1. Look at the ball 2. Peak at goal 3. Look at the ball when striking 4. The last time you should see the ball is when it is in the goal.

Coerver Mirror Moves
The Coerver Method is very well known throughout the world. It is a method that focuses on technique and mastery of the ball. Mirror moves are great to teach all players. These are easily incorporated into any training plan.

House League Rosters and Schedules

CLICK HERE for the 2019 Outdoor House League Rosters/Team Placements and Schedules

Concussion Protocol

Concussion Procedure and Protocol For US Youth Soccer Events
Possible Concussion Notification Paperwork 

·      All travel coaches and assistant coaches must participate in a sports concussion course (if they have not already).

·      Some free online courses: ‘Concussion in Sports Course’ and ‘HEADS UP to Youth Sports’ course. Please hold on to your certificate from the course.

Concussion: a traumatic brain injury that interferes with normal brain function. Medically, a concussion is a complex, pathophysiological event to the brain that is induced by trauma, which may or may not involve a loss of consciousness (LOC). Concussion results in a constellation of physical, cognitive, emotional, and sleep-related symptoms. Signs or symptoms may last from several minutes to days, weeks, months or even longer in some cases.

Step 1:

Did a concussion occur? (Ex. Dazed and confused look, Pain, nausea, vomiting, double vision or ringing in the ears, Memory difficulties, Short attention span, Slowed reaction time or slurred speech, Lack of coordination skills, Abnormal behavior, etc.)

Step 2:

Is emergency treatment needed? (Ex. Spine or neck injury, Change in behavior patterns or increasing confusion, Loss of consciousness, Worsening of headaches, Seizure, Very drowsy, Repeated vomiting, Weakness in arms or legs, etc.)

Step 3:

If a possible concussion occurred, but no emergency treatment is needed, what should be done now?

Focus on these areas every 5-10 min for the next 1 - 2 hours, without returning to any activities:

·      Balance, movement, Speech, Memory, instructions, and responses, Attention on topics, details, confusion, ability to concentrate, State of consciousness, Mood, behavior, and personality, Headache or “pressure” in head, Nausea or vomiting, Sensitivity to light and noise

Step 4:

A player diagnosed with a possible concussion may return to US Youth Soccer play only after release from a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy specializing in concussion treatment and management.

Step 5:

If there is a possibility of a concussion, do the following:

(1) The Concussion Notification Form is to be filled out in duplicate and signed by the coach (available on our website

(2) If the player is able to do so, have the player sign and date the Form. If the player is not able to sign, note on the player’s signature line “unavailable”.

(3) If a parent/legal guardian of the player is present, have the parent/legal guardian sign and date the Form. If the parent/legal guardian is not present, then the team official (coach) is responsible for notifying the parent/legal guardian ASAP by phone or email and then submitting the Form to the parent/legal guardian by email or mail.

(4) Player Pass

(a) In league play. The team official must also obtain the player’s pass from the Referee.

(b) In tournament play, including, but not limited to, Regional and National Tournament play in the US Youth Soccer National Championships and President’s Cup. The tournament committee will obtain the player’s pass and keep it until a proper medical release relating to the injured player is received by the committee.

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