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Hamburg Monarchs Soccer Club

Club Policies

1. Hamburg Monarchs Soccer Club has a 'No Refund' policy for the House League and the Travel/Premier Leagues.

2. If we receive notice of insufficient funds for a check made out to our club, you will be responsible for the fees associated with a bounced check.

3. Due to a high volume of player/coach/team requests for our Outdoor House League, only siblings can request to be on the same team. Each coach also gets 1 player request.

4. Players with unpaid accounts are subject to suspension from training and games until that balance is paid.

5. All House League players must play in their correct age group based on their birth year.

6. For travel players, there is no playing up in age group (ex. U12 player playing in U14) and all players must tryout for their correct age group based on his or her birth year. All final decisions are based on Board of Director approval. Policy revised as of 9/19/19. 

7. Anyone not in compliance with the Code of Ethics toward any players, coaches, officials, staff, or parents is subject to suspension or removal from the league, per the discretion of the Board of Directors. The Code of Ethics can be found in the "About us" section of the website.

8. Any scholarship request must be made before House League or Travel payments are due. Families/players receiving a scholarship must volunteer with the club in some capacity for the season in which the scholarship is received.

9. Any person who registers and pays by mistakes is subject to administrative fees.

10. Anyone not in compliance with Club Policies is subject to suspension or removal from the league. 

Nike Base Safety Information

1. All people entering the Nike Base should obey all traffic signs (including the "STOP" sign upon entrance to the Nike Base, all "No Parking" signs, and "Handicapped Parking" signs.

2. The Nike Base parking lot speed limit is 10 Mph.

3. People may not make u-turns near the front of the lot- they must circle around. 

4. Children are only to be dropped off or picked up at the back of the lot on the side in which they are playing-please utilize your blinkers when doing so and watch for children crossing. 

5. Dropping players off or pulling over near the snack shack is not allowed. 

6. The parking by the Nike Base shed is reserved for board members, workers, travel coaches, and those with a handicap sticker (only if all other handicap spots are taken).

7. No smoking or dogs allowed per Town of Hamburg policy. 

8. Anyone not in compliance with these rules will be subject to disciplinary action per the Hamburg Soccer Club Board of Directors and possibly the Town of Hamburg Police Department. 

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PO Box 2388 
Blasdell, New York 14219

Email Us: [email protected]
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